I suffered from sciatic pain for years due to lower back problems.

After having tried many specialists in Italy and England, I finally met someone who could “fix” me, the osteopath Justin Owen.

The first year I was going to him once or twice per week, now I only see him once every few months.

Thanks a lot, Justin!

Alessio Tintinago
Ice Cream Maker

This man has miracle hands! Truly gifted. Extremely good at what he does and very nice while he’s doing it. Hugely recommended.

John Gilbert

I have been seeing Grit for several months now as I have a few issues with my back, which can cause headaches and lower back pain. I have had these issues for most of my adult life and seen many osteopaths.

Grit has been by far the best osteopath I have ever used. She really does look at the entire body for trigger points – a complete holistic review. I also find that she has great balance between manipulation and much more subtle techniques.

Many of her approaches I have never experienced but I find brilliant. I come away from a session with Grit noticeably better – my headaches and lower back pain gone. I have recommended her to many friends and my husband, which goes to show how much I rate her.

R.H., Clapham mum

I’ve seen Justin on several occasions for my neck, my shoulder and my knee. His treatment was great each time, using osteopathy, acupuncture and massage. I have great confidence in his treatments and recommend him highly.

Liza Cawthorn
Pilates Instructor

Justin has worked miracles on my neck and back following a car accident. He is so informative and made me very at ease. I never thought I would look forward to acupuncture.

Charlene Scott

My first treatment with Grit was on my knee after a ski injury. A torn ACL, MCL and fractured tibia. I had to wait weeks before I was fit for treatments but Grit advised me on several points.

Soon after commencing treatments Grit had my knee bending (nearly full range) and strong enough to ski the next season. It was about then that I nicknamed her “magic hands”. I’ve since had treatments from Grit for my lower back. Grit has resolved several issues and has got my solid spine moving more and has reduced the pain significantly.

She continues to be my magic hands.

M.B., Clapham mum

I went to Justin suffering from bad sciatic nerve pain. Justin has been very helpful, particularly in providing a referral for treatment in the US where I was staying for a few weeks. The Osteopath there said the notes were the best he had seen outside the US.

Martin Humphreys

Justin Owen is simply the best.
Jim Sclavunos

I went to see Grit with strong pain between my shoulder blades. The pain had been persistent for a while and I just couldn’t get rid of it. One treatment from Grit and it dissolved. It was gone. I couldn’t believe it. I recommend Grit wholeheartedly to anyone.

P.E., Earlsfield mum

I suffered from a herniated disk in my lower back… I cannot thank Justin Owen enough for his support. Massive thanks to you sir! I highly recommend this clinic to all sufferers of back pain due to the excellence of this brilliant professional.
Bourhan ali Shameem
Teacher and Imam

I visited Grit at the end of last year with severe neck pain. I was fortunate to have been recommended her by a friend as having never seen an osteopath I was slightly apprehensive.

Grits calm, reassuring and professional manner immediately put me at ease. She worked gently on the muscles around my neck always explaining what she was doing and why. After the first session I immediately felt an improvement in my neck and I was able to work on the exercises at home that Grit had given me. After an intensive 2 week treatment programme Grit had worked wonders and my neck and shoulder pain were 100 times better and I almost had full mobility back in my neck.

I cannot thank Grit enough for making me feel human again! I will definitely be booking myself in for regular osteopath sessions to ensure I never have to experience that pain again. I have no hesitation in recommending Grit. Thank you again.

K.W., Clapham mum