I was recommended to Phil through one of my clients. I have had a problem with my upper back for years and as a Pilates teacher and personal trainer, I know how to help this with exercise, however sometimes extra help is needed.  Phil’s knowledge and gentle but effective approach used in his osteopathy has been really effective in stopping any upper back stiffness and hence eliminating the pain I was experiencing.  I have seen many osteopaths before and he has managed to get the best results for me.  I can maintain this with my pilates exercise. Thank you Phil.

Rosa Whitehead

I visited Philip Hartley after my neck and shoulder had become extremely painful for more than a week – the muscles had gone into spasm and were extremely tense. I was barely able to move my neck and the painkillers I was taking were not completely working.

Philip chatted to me about my medical background and then about the neck/shoulder problem in detail. During the first session, he massaged the area gently and worked on the surrounding areas too to try and relax it. It eased quite a lot immediately.

I visited him twice more over the course of a week and after the third visit, it was virtually better. He did some “clicking” a few times and explained what he was doing in detail. I felt very relaxed and at ease with him and completely confident in his abilities.

I would recommend Philip to my friends if they have any back/neck/shoulder problems as he was excellent.

Emmeline Sharp
Features Writer

Thank you so much for sorting out my various aches and pains!  I found your treatments really relaxing and reassuring. Your advice was very realistic and simple to follow.  Many thanks again.

Chrissy Black
Busy Mum

I’ve been going to see Philip fairly regularly since he opened the practice.  It’s just around the corner from my house, which is wonderfully convenient.  More to the point, he’s a great osteopath. You go and see him with creaking joints, an aching back, and feeling generally pretty wretched.  His calm professional demeanour and his considerable expertise soon ensure that you’re able to move without wincing and get on with life.

Georgina Morley

There are two great things about Philip Hartley’s osteo practice. First, there’s the standard of care – Philip not only treats and alleviates symptoms but he also identifies the cause of a problem to prevent it from happening again.  In my case, he was able successfully to relieve the discomfort of a painful lower back whilst at the same time explaining why I had ended up in the state I was and what I needed to do to make sure I would NOT be visiting him again soon. The other great thing is that he is in such a convenient location and offers such a wide range of appointment times I haven’t had to take time off work to see him.”

Nick Jackson

We took James to receive cranial osteopathy from Philip as soon as we had some idea that James had autism. James had very little interaction with anyone at the time and was physically very agitated. James seemed to know that Philip was there to help him from the start and he responded immediately to the treatment and Philip’s calm and warm manner.

We have continuously noticed improvements in James’ language development after each session and his ability to interact. He has great conversations with Philip and is always so pleased to see him. The forty minutes of peace and calm for James are just wonderful and we know the treatments are unlocking our little boy. We are very grateful to have found Philip.

Sarah and James

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