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Starting over…

Balham Osteopathic PracticeWell that was a slightly longer break from this blog than I envisaged back in 2010. I was hoping and planning to keep up to date with the planning, developing and finally building the new practice on Harberson Road in Balham. That is all behind us now and we have been in the new premises and working for over a year now.

With that in mind it may seem strange to be thinking about starting over but this past year has been particularly trying in a number of ways, not least due to a slow and steady deterioration in my own health. I’ve always regarded myself as someone who was pretty fit and reasonably healthy, I compete in triathlons a couple of times a year, ride my bike regularly and generally enjoy exercise. So when I started to collect colds and coughs and the occasional niggly sore throat at the back end of last year little did I realise I would be sitting here attempting to make sense of the last ten to eleven months. Yet here I am hopefully at the start of a slow recovery, although I’ve had a couple of false dawns already, from what appears to be some form of chronic fatigue or immune compromise that has left me struggling to climb two flights of stairs at times.

Whilst recognising that this is a little self indulgent I hope to use my recent experience to gain an understanding of what I regard as health and it’s true meaning for many of us. Thankfully I have a supportive close family and understanding G.P. But when it comes down to it it is pretty much up to me to work out a way through this so I can get back to doing the things I want to.

I’m hoping to use this blog to chart my progress but then again it may just be a way of helping me understand how and why this type of thing happens and what if anything the individual can do about it and what sort of help is out there.

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