Covid-19: Risk Assessment

20th May 2020

This risk assessment will be reviewed as and when Public Health England and other Government agencies review and/or alter their guidance and advice.

Heightened cleaning regime

  1. Clinic treatment room cleaned after each patient.
  2. Common/public areas including hard surfaces cleaned each session – morning afternoon and evenin
  3. Time between patients increased to 30 minutes to allow for cleaning and aeration of the treatment room.

Increased protection measures

  1. All linen including pillow cases, couch covers, cloth hand towels removed from the clinic.
  2. Payments to be made cashless or by online transfer.
  3. Clinic practitioners provided with appropriate PPE.

Social distancing

  1. Patients encouraged to arrive on time.
  2. Staggered patient arrival times to limit the number of people in the practice at any one time.

Remote contact of patients

  1. All patients to receive a pre-appointment telephone call for screening purposes
  2. All patients to be offered alternative to face to face appointments.
This document was last updated – 28/05/2020
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