1. Single use nitrile gloves and plastic apron with each patient.
  2. Fluid resistant surgical mask (FRSM)

Donning and doffing

  1. Clinicians must be aware and competent in the donning, doffing, and use of PPE.

Replacing PPE

  1. Gloves and aprons to be removed and replaced after each patient appointment.
  2. FRSM are to be replaced when potentially contaminated, damaged, damp or difficult to breathe through.
  3. Once removed FRSM cannot be re-used.

Patients and PPE

  1. Patients will be encouraged to wear face coverings during the appointment and if waiting for an appointment.
  2. FRSM to be risk assessed by the clinician if there is a possibility of asthma, hay-fever, etc.

PPE disposal

  1. PPE double plastic bagged after use and left for 72 hours and then to be collected by BIFFA waste collection services.
  2. All cloths, sanitiser wipes, and other used cleaning products to be disposed of as if PPE.