1. All unnecessary clutter removed from the treatment room.
  2. No linen to be used on the treatment table including non-wipeable pillow cases.
  3. Paper couch roll to be used for each patient.
  4. All surfaces including the treatment table, door handles, chairs and other hard surfaces to be sanitised after each patient appointment.
  5. Telephones, payment, and other communications and technology to be sanitised after each patient appointment.
  6. The treatment room is to be aerated for 20 minutes after each patient consultation – window open, blind raised and door closed.

Practitioner hygiene

  1. Bare arms below the elbow, no jewellery, watches, or bracelets to be worn.
  2. Hands and forearms to the elbow to be washed with soap or sanitiser for at least 20 seconds prior to and after patient consultations and after the removal of gloves.

Patient hygiene

  1. Patients will be encouraged to use hand sanitiser provided by the practice prior to their appointment. Those that do not wish to use sanitiser will be encouraged to wash their hands in the with soap and water for 20 seconds.
  2. Single use tissues will be available for use by patients if required.

General cleaning

  1. Public areas such as the entrance hall, stairway, and bannister will be cleaned as appropriate on a daily basis.
  2. The toilet at the practice will be cleaned on a daily basis but taps, sink and flush will be sanitised after each use where practical.
  3. The entry phone bell, door handles inside and outside will be cleaned with sanitiser after each use/patient visit.